James looking moody while gazing at nothing.James (of the YouTube channel JamesChats) has a passion for fandoms and all things nerdy/geeky. Recently he discovered a love for crafting/jewelry making and wanted to find a way to share his combined love for fandom culture and crafting with his audience and that's when he came up with the idea of making hand stamped fandom related necklaces. Anyone looking to display their love for their favorite fandom in a subtle way can puchase one of these necklaces! They also make an excellent (and affordable) gift for that nerdy, fandom obsessed friend of yours. 

Ultimately, James just wants to share his love with his fellow geeks. that's why he decided to create Orchnerd. On a side note, he feels really weird typing in 3rd person but felt like it would make him seem more important than he actually is... did it work? Hi, it's me :)

    If there's a particular fandom necklace you'd like to see please let me know by emailing james@orchnerd.com and I'll see what I can do.

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